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Emotional intelligence

At the root of all our mental and physical suffering, lie suppressed and unexpressed emotions. As a child, people are mostly not being taught how to acknowledge, understand, express and regulate their emotions properly and in a healthy way. This results in emotional dysregulation and/or the suppression of emotions entirely. Learning how to become aware of suppressed emotions and how to understand, feel, express and regulate them, can help people to feel in control of their lives again and to become healthy, free and empowered human beings. 

This exercise is designed to help you gain insight into which emotions are suppressed in your body and subconsciously running the show, and to help you feel them, release them, listen to them and integrate (heal) them. 

Gain emotional intelligence with this 36-min exercise with healing music, sounds, spoken word and song. 

Take back your power and transform yourself and your life

Suppressing your emotions and therefore your true self can cause you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, burnt-out, empty, dissociated, numb or even depressed.

Because of that you may find it difficult to express your truth and set boundaries. Or you believe you are small, powerless and helpless. It’s also possible that you have a lot of dreams, plans, visions, but never manifest them into reality. 

Not a good recipe for success. 

With this 30-min emotional inquiry exercise you will learn to reconnect with your body and suppressed emotions. You will learn how to witness yourself, how to feel the sensations of the suppressed emotions in your body, how to express them in a healthy way, and you will make contact with the hurt and lost parts of you and heal and integrate them.

In this way you can step into your true, authentic, emotionally mature self who feels empowered and inspired. 

How does it work?

With this 36 min emotional inquiry exercise you will be asked to visualize a situation from the past week(s) where you felt triggered, discomfort, stress, resistance, strong emotions, blockages or any other feeling, struggle or theme that you would like to address. 

From this situation you will take a deep dive into your body and connect with the suppressed emotions that were triggered in the situation where you experienced suffering. You will then be asked to feel these emotions and the accompanying sensations in your body, and to connect with them, listen to them, express them and integrate them. 

You can do this exercise as often as you would like to explore all kinds of situations and struggles in your daily life so that you can help yourself heal, grow and transform yourself and your life.

“I did the emotion invitation exercise today. It was really really special to me. There was a big kind of giant that was inside of me and that was holding me. With his huge hands he held my throat, my back and my womb for years and squeezed it. Then I asked it to come out. And he started to cry. Me too, I felt a lot of tears. We hugged for a long time. Then my body started to swirl. It was like a big vortex, going all different sides. All the places that were stuck before were soft and warm now. Since then I feel really relieved and have a big smile on my face. Thank you!

- Meander

Meet our founder

Myrthe glasbergen is an Occupational Health Psychologist (Msc.), life coach, singer and creator who is fascinated about the awakening and healing of humanity.

Myrthe has made it her mission to help people to wake up and become aware of the dysfunctional and demanding society and family/culture systems they grew up in, and to help them heal and break free from it.

All with the sole purpose of helping people to become authentic, free and empowered human beings who use their talents and gifts to make the world a better place.

Because… healed people, heal the world and healing is what our world so desperately needs.

She has created her own method for somatic and emotional inquiry and healing. Her method contains tools such as somatic meditative exercises with spoken word, voice healing, music and song, that help with self-discovery, feeling the feelings, expressing emotions, and healing and integrating trauma and negative childhood experiences. 

She shares her method and tools through 1-on-1 holistic psychological guidance, online via social media, in her webshop, and on her online platform for self-discovery, healing, transformation and growth: HeArt Journey.