It doesn’t matter where you are.
Who you are with or if you’re alone.
Life is here to be lived.
You are here to be expressed.
All of you.

Once you find your medicine, gift, your art, your contribution to the community and the trust and courage to express all of that, to put it into use…

…you’re home, everywhere you are.

Life will start.

The more I am on this personal growth journey, the more I realize how it’s about nothing more than understanding your role, your place in life, and the systems you grew up and live in.

At first, it’s definitely about rediscovering who you truly are, through healing, but in the end it’s all about the expression of your true self. Of daring to be yourself, wherever you are. This is how you ‘manifest your dreams or create your reality’.

And, even more important than all of the above, when you have healed yourself and finally dare to be yourself, it’s about giving back! Contributing to the community, to the planet, to earth, to… life!

It’s not a solo journey we’re on, you know. Although our ego and unhealed parts would love to make you believe that. But… we’re in this together. We have to do it together. We are social animals, growing, learning, and experiencing and understanding ourselves through connection. 

If you are a seeker, a soul who’s on an inner journey, then you are doing that and feel called to do that because you are here to break out of the old, and create the new. Together. Not alone. 

This is not a solo journey to more riches, successes, power or [fill in the blank].

It’s about coming home to your true nature. To your essence and then share that with the world, give it back to the community, the earth, and nature.

If you skip this last step of becoming a humble human and servant of the new that wants to shine through you, you’re missing the point of seeking and soul searching and personal growth entirely. And you will always keep searching and feeling unfulfilled.

Your soul wants you to come and look for it, inside of you! Because it wants to be expressed through you.

This is how we – together – create the new.

Making space inside of us, cleaning up, de-conditioning, reprogramming, healing, empowering ourselves, so that we are then able to share all of who we are with the world and start GIVING back!

That is where true fulfillment lies.

And I get it that when you are so burnt-out and tired and hypersensitive because of not being able to be your true self for a very long time, that giving back feels like too much.

I quit my work as a coach/psychologist/singer for almost 2 years because I was too tired. I just couldn’t give anymore.

I had to first give back to myself. For real, for once. Fill myself with… myself! My true self. Be very egocentric. Let it all go. Had to sleep, rest, cry, heal. Peel off every layer that didn’t serve me anymore. Had to travel all the way back to myself.

Until one day I woke up and just felt: yes! I am ready again. I am done being in this state and focusing on myself. It’s time to let it go 🙂 and time to get out in the world again, share all of who I am! Let’s go! Vamos!

Time to give back again. To you! To the community.

To help as much beautiful souls to heal themselves and rediscover who they truly are. So that they will share their gifts with the world and make the world a better place. And we need to do it together. I can’t do it on my own. My work and who I am (my energy) only speaks to a certain amount of people. Your work and energy speak to others, and their work and energy speak to others… etc.! We all have our role to play in the transition from old systems into new ones.

The pitfall of social media, self-help books, and all these coaches that tell you: follow my steps and you will become… [fill in the blank], is that it’s as if healing and living out your soul’s mission, has just one image: become super successful and the next guru. But this is so detrimental. And blinding! And disempowering! And egocentric… :-). 

Really healing yourself, and understanding your role in the system, can have as many images as there are human beings on this planet. Your contribution can be as little as breaking free from dysfunctional family systems and (inter)generational trauma. Stopping the repetition of it and start choosing new and better ways of living for yoursels and the generations that come after you.

Or maybe be the best father/mother you can possibly be for your children. Create the most beautiful home. Make clothes with love. Smile to strangers. Cook with love. Be a conscious banker who tries to slowly break down the old banking system and mentality. Be a lawyer who comes up for the ones who need it. Be the next politician with a heightened consciousness and more awareness than the ones who came before. 

The list is endless.

The only thing what’s important is that we heal ourselves (which is almost nothing more than become aware who we are, why we are who we are and how we navigate in this world), so that we can step out of old dysfunctional systems and self-sabotaging behaviors, and don’t make poor choices again to fill an emptiness or numb our woundedness inside.

Once we do that, we can start with sharing our talents, gifts, and our medicine with the world in a conscious way. We can spread love and awareness by BEING ourselves. By being who we truly are, and always already were. Inspiring people. Turning on lights. Knowing we’re not alone.

That we’re in this together.