I hope one day we all understand that the continuous search for who we are, and continuously investing in personal growth, is nothing more than… us trying to find a way to feel safe enough to express who we truly are. 

I would always advise to anyone asking: stop with everything and just go and sit with yourself in loving presence and silence for a while, and sit and work with the resistance, emotions, and everything else that will arise.

And I know this must sound strange from a psychologist and coach, and intuitive singer who has a business in personal growth. 

But it was my biggest insight in all those years of searching, growing and developing myself.

You can be as intelligent, wise, sensitive, and spiritual as you’d like, meditate daily, try to change your mindset, read 100 more books, go to 10 more workshops, and recite mantras or dance your way to some sort of holy transcendence, epiphany and wonder of life,… but it’s all worthless if you don’t just DARE to be who you truly are… everywhere you are.

If you don’t just show yourself to the world without shame, guilt, hesitation, or fear.

And this is the hardest part. Because there’s so much conditioning about who you think you need to be, so many concepts, formats, ideas and expectations. That most of the time you don’t really know who you truly are anymore. 

I am still figuring out day by day new things about myself the more I commit to being myself and following my heart, desires, and needs. After years of coaching people on these topics, I figured out that in my body there was still so much unsafety and ‘trauma’ stored from my past and the generations before me. Trauma that I had to acknowledge, feel, heal and integrate before my true self finally dared to show her face. 

And it felt so different than all those years before where I thought I was being myself. But I just wasn’t :). 

And no spiritual, psychological, or personal growth community is free of this.

We are all guilty. 

Everywhere we have images of how you should be.

Of how you should act, move, dance, sing, speak… 

Of how you should work, connect, live, and rest.

Of how you should exist.


It takes some courage to step out of that. I know. 

It is our deepest urge and need to belong somewhere. For belonging somewhere is critical for our survival (at least it was, and we still live in the illusion that it is). But the shadow side of this is that we completely suppress and therefore forget who we truly are. 

And somewhere deep inside we know we have forgotten something.

We feel an emptiness, an urge, a longing to something… or somewhere…or someone… 
…maybe home, but we don’t know what home is. 

We feel lost. Scared. Sad. 

We feel an emptiness and continuously try to fill this void with entertainment, alcohol, food, company for the sake of company, social media, working hard, etc. 

We hope that the next growth step, the next job, the next house, the next journey, the next community, the next person, the next level of our business, the next lover… will be our homecoming. 

Completely forgetting to stand still, getting into silence, and just stop running, stop hunting, stop searching.

Completely forgetting to listen to ourselves and our inner child, living inside of us. 

Waiting for us to see it, listen to it, and express it out into the world. 

Our inner child… the person we were before life happened. 

Now go and drop everything. Sit in silence for as long as you need. And go have a good conversation with your body and your inner child.

They have so much to tell and show you.

If you would love to get some help doing that, then our free starter pack might be something for you.

Start your healing journey inwards and transform yourself and your life! 

It’s time <3. 

Let the restless search be over for once.