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“A lot has changed since I became a member! I live more from the inside out, I am so much more loving to myself, and I don’t care too much what people say or think. This was blocking me from expressing and being my authentic self all my life. Every week I try to do one thing to get out of my comfort zone. Something that I could not imagine some months back. It really makes me happy!”



“I truly admire Beyond Psychology’s unique membership programme and I look forward to following the Journey and using the tools they designed in such a unique and powerful way. It’s a a soothing touch to any aching heart.”



“Beyond Psychology has helped me understand the root causes of my struggles and given me the tools to overcome them. I feel more empowered and in control of my life.”



Why Beyond Psychology?

A New Approach 

Self-love - wound of unworthiness - beyond psychology - self-acceptance

Away from traditional (talk) therapy and coaching, Beyond Psychology has created new tools for self-discovery, healing, transformation and growth. Our tools follow a holistic approach and combine somatic and emotional healing practices with psychological theory & guidance. 

All our tools are designed to help you as if you are in a 1-on-1 session with a psychologist. They aim to bring you in a receptive and investigative state of being from which you can understand, feel, release and heal negative childhood experiences, blockages, suffering, trauma, and suppressed emotions at the root. 

All with the sole purpose of helping you to heal from your past, master your emotions, free your authentic self & transform yourself and your life! 

We have now gathered all our tools on our online platform!

Become a member and gain instant access to our exclusive online library with all our tools, our step-by-step healing journey, our community, and our exclusive Q&A forum.

Our Mission

“You are not struggling in life because something is wrong with you, but because of the demanding, dysfunctional and emotionally immature society you grew up in. This society has been conditioning you to suppress your truth and disconnect from your emotions and authentic self from a very young age.

Because of this you have been living in survival mode for way too long. A true recipe for emotional and relational trauma, and the number 1 reason you are feeling lost, depressed, alone, anxious and burnt-out.

Living in our emotionally immature, oppressive, dysfunctional society has made you believe you are a powerless and incomplete individual who has to ‘run and fight’ for your life. Without providing you the safety and attachment you need, and teaching you about a deeper sense of meaning or purpose in life. 

At the same time as a child you are not being taught how to express and regulate your emotions, feelings, boundaries, desires and authentic self properly and in a healthy way. In fact, you are (mostly unconsciously) shamed, rejected, ignored, overlooked, ridiculed or even punished for showing vulnerability or expressing yourself. 

A true recipe for relational trauma: the dysfunction of our society being played out in the family system.

At Beyond Psychology, we understand the impact of this societal conditioning. It is our deepest wish that through our work you will become aware of this, heal yourself from the effects of it, and free your authentic, empowered self.

Because healed people heal the world, and healing is what our world so desperately needs.” 

Myrthe Glasbergen MSc.
Founder, Occupational Health Psychologist, Coach & Creator

Here’s What You Will Get When You Become A Member

A step-by-step healing journey

Access to our step by step journey for awakening & healing to help you (re)discover who you truly are, heal from your past, master your emotions, and transform yourself and your life. Let this journey be the catalyst to awaken the visionary and creator in you and become a free, authentic, empowered and inspired human being who uses its talents and gifts to make the world a better place.

Monthly New & Exclusive Tools

Away from traditional talk therapy, coaching and the (spiritual) self-help industry, we create new tools for self-discovery, emotional healing, transformation and empowerment monthly. Our tools help you e.g. to heal from your past, master your emotions, free your authentic self and transform yourself and your life.

Access to our Online Library

Receive access to our online library with all our somatic meditative exercises, emotional inquiry exercises, parts work exercises, meditations, visualizations, healing music, videos, writing exercises, blogs, and live Q&A recordings. 

Psychological Guidance & Theory

Learn e.g. who you are, why you are who you are, what is holding you back from expressing all of who you are with the world, how to soothe and reparent yourself, heal your inner child, express and regulate your emotions, and take inspired action. 

Community: Forum + Q&A

Connect with others, ask your questions, and share your journey, ideas, creations, visions and insights in our online forum! We also have an exclusive Q&A section where you have the opportunity to share your requests, struggles or questions. We will use your input to make new videos, blogs, exercises and/or somatic & emotional inquiry tools. 

Replays Live Q&A's

During the year we host live masterclasses and Q&A sessions around the topics of awakening, healing, transformation and empowerment. As a member you receive a 20% discount if you want to attend these sessions, and you have unlimited access to the replay sessions which can be found after the sessions in our online library.

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Here’s How Becoming A Member Will Help You Awaken, Heal & Transform


Travel through your past, present and future (intuition) to gather knowledge about who you are, why you are who you are and who you want to become.


Take a deep dive inside your body, subconscious mind, and past. Discover which negative experiences, or even relational or emotional trauma from your past are still with you today and influencing your life, and heal it at the root. 

Emotion Regulation: Master Your Emotions

Learn how to become aware of suppressed emotions and how to understand, feel, express and regulate them. Start to feel more in control of your life again and become a healthy, free, and empowered human being. 

Self-exploration: Shadow work & Transformation

Travel through your own inner shadow realm and discover which self-sabotaging behaviors are holding you back to transform yourself and your life. What lies hidden beneath your masks, identities and the roles you play? What do you need to let go to grow?


Find all kinds of tools to help you to start with expressing yourself in a creative way. Listen to healing music, sing-a-long with mantra videos, or start with e.g. freeing your voice with our voice liberation videos! 

Community & Support

Every theme or piece of content within our membership has a comments section, so you can ask questions and share your feedback in a safe, private space. 

“The tools are so helpful, stepping into all the suppressed emotions from childhood together with my inner child and to be held. Freeing both of us. Noticing that anger, a scary emotion, is actually the most important thing to go towards, instead of running away from it. I feel it now as a warm support in my lower back. This is a very important step that I made.”


“I want to thank you. Today I expressed anger in a way I hardly ever do. It was just a loud response to a very usual bully attitude. I was surprised of myself and on purpose I let myself repeat louder. The person was confused but I didn’t explain. This is after a few days of doing your somatic meditation. While I usually freeze and am not able to respond.”


What Kind Of Tools Do We Offer? 

Videos & Blogs to Provide You With Psychological Theory & Guidance

Our videos and blogs are here to help you understand the complexity of your behavior, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and struggles in life. They help you understand why you are the way you are, and how you can help yourself heal from your past and transform yourself and your life. 

Somatic & Emotional Inquiry Exercises to Heal Trauma & Suppressed Emotions at the Root

A somatic exercise is a self-integration (or healing) exercise that helps you to heal the suppressed emotions that are stored in your body and that are connected to negative (or traumatic) experiences from your past, at the root.

Visualizations to Reprogram your Subconscious Mind

Harness the power of your imagination to create positive changes in your life through our expertly crafted visualizations. A visualization is a self-inquiry exercise that helps you to reprogram your subconscious mind, (re)discover who you truly are, and understand, resolve, heal and integrate mental & emotional blockages at the root. 

Meditations for nervous system regulation

Experience deep relaxation and inner peace with our guided meditations, designed to help you connect with your true self and release emotional blockages. All our meditations contain music, spoken word & song. They help you to arrive in the present moment, soothe and comfort yourself, let go of stress, sleep better, feel and release stuck emotions and regulate your nervous system. 

Q&A Forum – Ask Myrthe

By becoming a member you also gain access to the Q&A – Ask Myrthe page where you can share requests, struggles or questions you have around awakening, healing, transformation & growth. Myrthe will use your questions to create new videos, blogs, exercises, and somatic & emotional inquiry tools. 

Healing Music to Overcome Anxiety or Stress, and Enhance your Creativity

Our Healing Music aims to bring you into a relaxing state of being from which you can soothe yourself, feel and heal suppressed emotions, overcome anxiety or stress, make contact with your intuitive wisdom, enhance your creativity, and gain insights about your life and the world at large.

It’s time to become a powerful, confident and inspiring human being who makes the world a better place.

the world needs you!

This Is For You If You Recognize Any Of This:

> You are on a journey of self-discovery, healing, transformation and growth and you want to work on yourself without time & money consuming means and resources such as (talk)therapy or long online courses.

> You struggle in your relationships and you wish to understand how to improve them by understanding why you struggle, getting to know your communication and attachment styles, and learning how to express your authentic self, set healthy boundaries, and share your needs, preferences or desires.

> You want to learn how to master your emotions: Instead of feeling overwhelmed and controlled by them, you want to learn how to regulate and process them.

> You want to heal your relational trauma, break destructive (family) cycles, and create a better life for you, your family, your lineage, and the world at large.

> You are looking for psychological theory, guidance, and resources that are aware of the societal impacts on your mental health, and take racism, oppression, capitalism, colonialism, and the patriarchy into account.

> You are tired of living in survival mode.

> You want to have access to exclusive somatic and emotional healing tools that you can use for every step of your healing journey, but that still have the personal touch of working with a psychologist 1-on-1.

> You have a deep desire to express your gifts, talents and authentic self with the world, but you don’t really know how to do that, where to start, what you truly want, or even who you truly are. 

> You are creative, a dreamer, have a strong intuition, and you have so many beautiful creative ideas for a better and more beautiful world, but you just don’t know how to manifest those ideas into reality.

> You are finally ready to face all your fears, suppressed emotions, shadow parts, and negative (or traumatic) experiences from your past, and you want to take radical responsibility to heal and break free from them.

> You want to experience unconditional acceptance, compassion and self-love for once and for all. And you are ready to finally come home inside yourself.

> You want to have a psychologist in your pocket that you can consult every time you need it.

About Our Founder

“The only way onwards, is inwards.”

Myrthe Glasbergen MSc. is an Occupational Health Psychologist, coach and creator who is fascinated about the awakening and healing of humanity.

She has made it her mission to help people to become aware of the dysfunctional and demanding society and family/culture systems they grew up in, and to help them heal and break free from it.

All with the sole purpose of helping people to become free, authentic, and empowered human beings who use their talents and gifts to make the world a better place.

To help people get there she has created her own method – away from traditional talk-therapy, coaching and the (spiritual) self-help industry – for self-discovery, (emotional) healing, transformation and empowerment. 

She shares her method and tools through 1-on-1 holistic psychological guidance, online via social media, in her webshop, and on her online platform & community.


How to use the platform?

There’s no right or wrong in using our platform. You can choose to work on a specific topic for a while, and try all the tools that come with that topic. You can also just login and listen to some soothing healing music or a relaxing meditation if you need it. You can find inspiration, psychological guidance and community. You can also choose to do the step-by-step healing journey first. This journey covers all the steps for self-discovery, healing, transformation and growth, and touches all subjects that you can find on the platform. Next to this you can play with setting an intention and let yourself be led by your intuition and the themes or tools that speak to you. 

How do I become a member?

Click on your preferred payment method above. Add the product to your cart. Then go to your cart and pay. Once we have received your application and payment, you will receive a confirmation through email and you will receive an email with your login details, and more information on how to start. This can take up to 1 day. After receiving the emails you are good to go and ready to start your journey!  

What does it cost?

Because we try to be as affordable as possible, but we still have to pay our bills, we have 3 options for you to choose from. Not sure if this is for you? Just try it out with a free trial of 5 days!

1. An annual subscription of €49,95 per year. If you decide to join for an entire year, you will receive a discount! You will be billed for the full amount once per year. After the year you can decide if you want to join for another year or with a monthly subscription, or cancel your subscription.

2. A monthly subscription of €7,95 per month. You can cancel your subscription any time.

3. A free option: If the above 2 options aren’t possible for you right now because you can’t afford it, please send an email to with the reason why you want to join and why you can’t afford it, and we will make sure you will get in. Because healing and personal growth should be available for everyone. Once you joined with a paid subscription, it’s not possible to downgrade to the free option.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Just login to this website ( with the email that you used to purchase the subscription, go to your account, then to subscriptions, and click on cancel subscription. Can’t find it? You can also email us that you would want to cancel your subscription to Your subscription will then be canceled for the new month or year. 

How does billing work?

You’ll be billed one time each month for your monthly membership fee. If you choose to buy the annual subscription, (which includes a discount) you’ll only be billed for the full amount once per year.

How to Listen to our Tools?

1. First and foremost it is important to place yourself in a quiet area where you can’t be disturbed and where you feel safe to do whatever you feel like doing (e.g. crying, making sounds, shouting, dancing, moving, or just sitting in silence for a while).

2. Make it yourself comfortable. Don’t get too warm or too cold. Sit down or lie down, and maybe use a blanket or cozy sweater when you feel like it.

3. Then just pick the theme and/or tool that speaks to you the most at the moment. 

4. Put on some headphones, press play and close your eyes.

5. Surrender to the journey and let yourself be guided by Myrthe’s voice and gentle guidance. 

What will happen when I do one of the Somatic Exercises or Visualizations?

Our Somatic Exercises and Visualizations are designed to help you take a deep dive inside your body and subconscious mind. They will help you to travel into your past to explore and discover where the struggles that you experience in your daily life are coming from. During the exercises you will be guided to breathe, listen, surrender, visualize something, feel your emotions, express your emotions, soothe or comfort your inner child, reparent yourself, or reprogram your subconscious mind. 

When asked to visualize something don’t wait for something perfect or something that you ‘think’ is better than the first thing that came up. Truly let your subconscious mind and body communicate with you, take your time and work with what comes up first. All is good!

Our Somatic Exercises and Visualizations can bring you back to (or make you experience) memories, events, suppressed emotions, or lost and hurt parts from your past that you have suppressed out of e.g. shame, fear, guilt or unsafety. Our tools will guide you through these events and take the necessary stept to acknowledge them, feel them, process them and integrate them. 

Know that you can always step out of the exercise when it doesn’t feel good. You are an adult now who has the free will to make that choice. Just open your eyes and you are out of the exercise. Shake, sing, dance or listen to a healing and soothing piece of music afterwards, to help you regulate your nervous system, calm down and give your body the feeling that it’s safe. 

How often can I Listen to the Healing Tools?

As often as you would like! Our healing tools are designed for you to experience change after 1 time of listening to them or doing the exercise(s). But know that repetition is key to true change. The more you do something, the deeper this gets engraved into your system.  

How long will it take before I see any Results?

That’s totally different for everyone: some people notice a major shift right after the first time of listening to one of our tools or doing one of our exercises. They feel like they have shifted something in their paradigm of reality and already make profound changes in their life and way of responding to life!

For others, the changes might build up more gradually in more subtle ways. After a few weeks or months, they look back at when they started and suddenly realized how different they have been behaving, feeling, thinking and responding to life.

Repetition is key. Healing from your past, and stepping out of old paradigms and dysfunctional loops of behavior, takes time.

Do you have any more questions?

Feel free to send an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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