The most important thing of your entire journey of healing from your past, mastering your emotions and transforming yourself and your life…
…is that once you have discovered who you are and healed yourself…

…you have to start living it!

It’s the moment where you fully and wholeheartedly decide that you are here to LIVE and BE your beautiful, crazy, messy, authentic and inspiring self.

It’s the most beautiful stage of personal growth and transformation there is, because you finally will be able to experience how it feels like to be you, everywhere you are.

I always call it the post-healing and post-transformation stage (or the embodiment/earth stage).

The stage where you take inspired action to change your life for the better and show the world your true face.

The stage where you decide that you will never ever hide yourself again.

You just cannot not speak your truth anymore and live up to it. I promise you, it will hurt when you do hold yourself back.

It is the stage where you will start using your hands, your body, your intelligence, your wisdom, your gifts, your talents… to materialize the visions that you hold inside yourself.

It can be a tricky stage at times, especially in the beginning, because old patterns, temptations and behavior will knock on your door, trying to hold you back (and keeping you safe).

There will be times where you think you are not ready yet, but you actually are…

It can be scary, but it’s the most beautiful, exciting and expanding stage once you get the hang of it and pursue your dreams and goals, no matter what happens.

What’s important in this stage is that you decide to start living a simple, yet devoted life to… you!

Making the hard decisions, healthy choices, having the hard conversations.

Setting boundaries, choosing yourself and saying no or yes when you feel like it.

Taking inspired action, acknowledging when you’re wrong, and recognizing and transforming your self-sabotaging behavior…

Sounds like a challenge, right?

But… it’s so worth it, I promise you.

And you know, I can’t stress out enough that the sooner this stage begins for you, the sooner your life will change.

And… I don’t want to rush or push you, but precious time’s ticking you know. For you individually, but especially for us collectively.

Our world so desperately needs more free, authentic and empowered human beings who make the world a better place by just being themselves and spreading peace and love through their gifts and talents.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time beautiful one.

Time so start treating yourself like the precious gift and creative masterpiece that you are.

It’s time to take inspired action and change your life for the better.

I promise you, once you decide to go for it, start your journey inwards, commit yourself to yourself and start with sharing your authentic self, gifts and talents with the world…

… your life will never be the same.

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