I. AM. PRESENT. Radical self-acceptance meditation


Use this radical (self)acceptance meditation to radically accept all of who you are right now, where you are right now and what you are right now. Go from non-acceptance to acceptance and stop resisting the present moment.

Duration of the meditation: 16:35 min


Every meditation, visualization, somatic exercise or any other healing tool from Beyond Psychology contains healing music, poetry, spoken word, sounds and song created by our founder Myrthe Glasbergen. 

Step out of the chaos, stop seeking external validation, stop running in circles, stop resisting the present moment and wake up to everything that is already here for you.

Wake up to the creative potential that is living inside of you. Wake up to all the love, light and magic that is already here. Step out of the way, go from non-acceptance to acceptance and find the magic that is waiting for you inside.


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