Safe haven nervous system regulation meditation


Use the safe haven nervous system regulation meditation to regulate your nervous system and create safety inside your body. Relax, surrender and receive. You’re safe now. You’re ok now. You can breathe now.

Duration of the visualization: 13:54.


Every meditation, visualization, somatic exercise or any other healing tool from Beyond Psychology contains healing music, poetry, spoken word, sounds and song created by our founder Myrthe Glasbergen. 

A meditation especially made for you if you feel stressed, anxious, rushed, depressed or numb. Most of the time when we feel this way our nervous system is dysregulated and we are in a state of survival or fear, and our fight, flight or freeze responses are activated. The society we are living in is forcing us a lot to live in this state of survival and fear.

This meditation helps you to understand and wake up to the fact that this is an illusion and a tactic that is being used to keep us in that state so that we work and consume. This meditation helps you to get into relaxation, to surrender and to relax and to get out of that state. It brings you peace, safety and comfort. You’re ok. You’re safe.


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