Love is, or love is not – TRUST meditation


Use this trust meditation to surrender, let love in and to practice with trusting that all wil work out fine and that you will receive all the love, recognition, validation and results you so long for.

Duration of the meditation: 19:56 min


Every meditation, visualization, somatic exercise or any other healing tool from Beyond Psychology contains healing music, poetry, spoken word, sounds and song created by our founder Myrthe Glasbergen. 

Let his meditation help you to feel a deep trust, and a loving, caring energy. Let it help you to broaden your perspective of life and time and how things will always work out for the better, over time. Not in an instant, but gradually, and not always because you work hard, but because you let things go and let things come to you.

Let it help you to ‘step out of the way’, and open yourself up for the infinite amount of possibilities and paths that life has to offer. More than you can ever imagine.


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