The other day it just hit me again… After so many times…

But this time it hit on a very deep level…

You already know who you are.

You don’t have to look for it, or think about it in any way.

You never forgot it either.

It’s right in front of you.

It’s just that you don’t really dare to be who you truly are.

Instead, you close your eyes and shut your ears for it and you continually try to live up to the expectations of society and the systems in which you grew up in.

You try to be someone you’re not, to fit in, and to be seen, loved, valued, heard and… safe.

But in order to be who you truly are, your authentic self, you have to break free and stand out.

It’s that simple.

And of course, simple doesn’t mean easy.

You have to dare to go beyond all that you’ve known to be true… where it sometimes or often feels uncomfortable and unsafe… where you feel vulnerable and naked.

You have to go through the resistance that comes up. And commit yourself to yourself. For once and for all.

You have to start with opening your eyes and ears, and listening to your heart, your gut, your intuition… on a daily basis.

Did I say daily?!

No I mean, every minute(!) of every day!

It’s like a muscle that you need to train. But a training that’s worth all the effort!

And know that the minute that your heart or intuition starts to speak…

…you will experience almost always at the same time a reaction or a voice that wants to suppress the voice of your heart or intuition.

‘Don’t go there! It’s unsafe! You will look crazy! What will people think of you? Who do you think you are?! Look at you, you’re not worthy of that!’

Or… any other thought, belief or conditioning that is living inside of you that you once installed there to keep yourself safe.

You will also experience e.g. shame, guilt, fear, anger, nervousness, or insecurity. Racing thoughts, headache, sweating, nausea… etc.

This list can be endless and is personal, but resistance will come up and…

…because you’re so afraid of that resistance, or not used to going through it yet, you choose the path of least resistance.

You choose the path that is known to you and ignore the voice of your heart, intuition or gut.

Suppressing your true self further and further.

Not a good recipe for success!

So, the only thing in my honest opinion that you have to do is listening to that voice inside of you.

Start with listening and then dare to take inspired action on what you feel, instead of what you think is the right thing to do.

Dare to take risks in the name of love, creation, expansion, in the name of life and the adventures that are waiting for you!

When you do this and you start with sharing your truth, speaking up (or staying silent), going left when everybody goes right, saying no/yes when you feel like it, setting boundaries…

Slowly and step by step you will finally start with feeling yourself (again).

Plus… you will be instantly creating the life you desire as a result of this. There’s no other way.

This is what I call the process of becoming.

And by doing this, speaking your truth and taking inspired action (from the spirit inside) towards your goals or dreams…

…you will finally be able to experience yourself in physical form.

And that is the true purpose of life!

(Want to know more about the purpose of life? Then watch my video about it here).

And when you give yourself the opportunity to experience yourself, you will finally remember who you truly are on a very deep level.

And… you will never want to leave yourself again.

That is when it gets easier and easier to be who you truly are (and harder and harder to not be who you truly are…).

Because there’s no way back once you have experienced yourself on such a deep level.

The most beautiful, freeing and magical experience of your life.

A true homecoming.

This is what the work of Beyond Psychology is all about. To help you find the courage to clean up and clear up all the resistance that is living inside of you that holds you back from expressing yourself fully and sharing all of who you are with the world.

It is my mission to help you break free from all your ‘chains’, from all the suppression, and to help you to become an authentic, inspiring and empowered human being who makes the world a better place.

So, let this be a beautiful reminder for you to start or continue with your journey, because it’s never too late to start with listening to your heart!

It. never. is. too. late.

It’s always day one. Every day, over and over again.

Life’s waiting for you. Your soul is waiting for you. The world is waiting for you! We need you!

And when you’re ready, all will fall into place.

What are you waiting for?

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