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Maybe you recognize this…

> You have a deep desire to express your gifts, talents and authentic self with the world, but don’t really know how to do that, where to start or even who you truly are;

> You are very creative, sensitive, a dreamer, have a lot of fantasy and a strong intuition, and you have so many beautiful and creative ideas for a better and more beautiful world, but… you just don’t know how to manifest those ideas into reality;

> Somewhere deep inside, you feel that there’s a world full of wonder and possibilities where you would love to be part of, but… it’s as if you can’t find it ‘out there’ and as if it will never be real;

> The people around you tell you that you shouldn’t be such a dreamer and idealist, that you should ‘get real’ and just work hard, ‘that’s life’, and that what you want ‘just isn’t possible’;

> You sometimes (or often) feel empty, bored, restless, lonely, unfree, sad, insecure, and as if ‘you don’t belong here’, because of that;

> And… you long for a deep feeling of belonginginner peacefreedom, rest, and coming home, but it’s as if this state of being is so far away and you just can’t seem to reach it.

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