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Download our free higher self visualization: The visitor

Meet your higher self 

This guided mediation, or visualization, is designed to help you take a deep dive inside and connect with your higher self (also called your future self, or your intuitive wisdom). The part of you that has all the answers you need right now.

Meet the version of you that is in complete alignment with your soul, get to know yourself on a deeper level, and learn more about your dreams, desires, visions, wishes and the most beautiful, magical life that you are here to live!  

Discover what is holding you back & create the life you want

When we are disconnected from our higher self, or our intuitive wisdom, we feel lost, empty, directionless and unfulfilled. We doubt ourselves and our life a lot. We live our lives on automatic pilot and we get easily distracted by the hustle and bustle of life. 

When you connect with your higher self, you will be able to feel who you are again, connect with your heart and dreams, and will feel motivated and inspired to create the life you want! 

Meet our founder

Myrthe glasbergen is an Occupational Health Psychologist (Msc.), intuitive singer, writer, coach and creator who is fascinated about the awakening and healing of humanity, the expansion and evolution of human consciousness and the activation of the creative potential that is living inside all of us.

After she graduated, she has worked as an assessment psychologist, singing teacher, voice healer, musician and successful life and job coach for young professionals for several years.

Myrthe has made it her mission to help people to wake up and become aware of the dysfunctional and demanding society and family/culture systems they grew up in, and to help them heal and break free from it, so that they will become authentic, free and empowered human beings who use their talents and gifts to make the world a better place.

Because… healed people, heal the world and healing is what our world so desperately needs.

She does this by providing 1-on-1 holistic psychological guidance, creating healing tools such as healing music, meditations and somatic visualization exercises, and sharing her knowledge and tools on her online platform for self-discovery, healing, transformation and empowerment: HeArt Journey.