Voice healing

A voice healing session transcends classic talk therapy and coaching, speaks directly to the body and suppressed emotions, and gets to the root of mental and physical suffering.

If you need help on your healing journey because you feel stuck, experience heavy (uncontrollable) emotions, struggle with anxiety, insecurities, depression or burn-out, feel like you don’t recognize yourself anymore or you run across trauma that you feel like you can’t handle on your own, then maybe a private voice healing session is the right fit for you. 

What is a voice healing session?

A voice healing session is a beautiful opportunity for you to experience the soothing, comforting and healing power of meditative music and the singing voice. 

Listening to the singing voice, meditative music and soothing spoken words generates self-compassion, warmth, trust, safety and unconditional love (the ‘mother-energy’). This non-cognitive, intuitive and loving energy is what calms down your nervous system, gives your body the feeling that it is safe and brings you into a state of relaxation and receptivity. 

From this state of relaxation, safety and receptivity, you are able to ‘feel the feelings’, soothe and heal your inner child (or hurt inner parts) and acknowledge, feel and heal your fears, insecurities, stuck and suppressed emotions or trauma. 

How does a session work?

Myrthe works intuitively and in a Q&A way. This means that she attunes to you and a life theme and/or question you submit. During the session she brings you into a meditative state through calming music and her voice. She then intuitively sings for you and speaks to you with messages, poetry and little songs. 

During the session you will be asked to wear headphones, place yourself in a quiet area where you can’t be disturbed (and have a strong wifi connection!). You can just lie or sit down, close your eyes and surrender. Myrthe will take care of the rest and will use her voice to guide you through it. 

A private voice healing session is a very gentle, soft and easy way to introduce yourself to healing or to finally heal something that you feel like you can’t overcome on your own. It can also help you to calm or regulate your nervous system, gain clarity in life, get in contact with your heart and intuition, and hear your inner voice (again).  

You can read more about Myrthe’s background, work, method and tools below. 


The voice healing sessions with Myrthe take place via Zoom (online), and have a duration of 45 or 75 minutes. The sessions can be in Dutch or English

An individual session of 45 minutes costs €75.
An individual session of 75 minutes costs €125.

Once you have booked a session you will receive an invoice via email that has to be paid before the start of the session.

Read more about our payment and cancellation policy in our terms & conditions.

To have the best possible experience during the session make sure you have a strong wifi connection, place yourself in a quiet and comfortable area where you can’t be disturbed and put on some headphones. 


“Your voice and music bring me to the depths of my soul, where I find my sorrow and my strength. I feel really carried <3.

I am very grateful for what you bring into this world.”

- Whitney


“Thank you, thank you… striking on all levels.

Your voice, your music, the words, the silent moments.

Tears, I am in love with life :).

What a gift, what a talent, thank you so much.

My endless thanks, this is more valuable than you may realize :).”

- Amber


“Your music and voice brought me in a different yet more peaceful state of Being totally.

You empathized so well and have given the exact right words to what I am going through. It instantly brought me to my feelings, something I normally find very hard… tears!

Thank you.”

- Suzette


“Wow Myrthe, I’m at a loss for words. You gave answers to all the life questions I have and will get. You have no idea. I am speechless and totally moved.

Thank you beautiful human.
This is more than a talent.
A gift.
You are a gift in the lives of many: including mine.

Thank you for you.
And still everything I say doesn’t cover it.”

- Babette


Meet Myrthe

Myrthe glasbergen is an Occupational Health Psychologist (MSc.), life coach, intuitive singer and creator who is fascinated about the awakening and healing of humanity.

During her work as a life & job coach she found herself frustrated by the limitations of traditional therapy, coaching and the (spiritual) self-help industry

They look at people who struggle in life as if there is something wrong with them individually, while the true reason that people suffer lies in the dysfunction of our society as a whole. 

It is because of this that she went on a search to discover what it is that people truly need to overcome their suffering, and heal heal and transform themselves. 

She discovered that the struggles people experience in their daily lives aren’t cognitive, but emotional, and tied to negative experiences from their past (or even intergenerational trauma), that are stored and suppressed in their subconscious mind and body.

She quickly understood that you can’t solve an emotional problem in a cognitive way and felt the need to create her own (healing) tools that could transcend cognition, speak directly to the body and travel all the way to the source of people’s suffering. Saving them years of psychological and emotional struggle and countless therapy sessions.

As a singer, musician and creator she had already used her singing voice and music to soothe, express, regulate and heal herself for a big part of her life. So, it felt very natural and logical for her to start combining her psychology with her music. She intuitively knew that could truly help people to overcome their suffering. 

She first created HeArt Reflection (a personalized healing tool and piece of art in one).

After the succes of this tool, she continued to create her own tools for somatic and emotional inquiry and healing with somatic exercises, voice healing tracks, musical meditations and guided visualizations that help with self-discovery, feeling the feelings, expressing emotions, and healing and integrating negative childhood experiences and trauma. 

All her tools contain music, spoken word, poetry, voice healing and song, and aim to bring people in a receptive and investigative state of being from which mental, emotional and physical suffering, and/or negative childhood experiences, can be addressed, acknowledged, felt and healed properly.