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Away from traditional talk therapy & coaching, Beyond Psychology offers new tools for mental well-being with music, spoken word, poetry, voice healing & song. Our tools help you to reduce stress, overcome anxiety, regulate your emotions and heal suffering at the root. 

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Why Music, Spoken Word, Voice Healing & Song?

Music, spoken word, voice healing & song can help you to come into a state of receptivity, relaxation and surrender and generate self-compassion, warmth, trust, safety and unconditional love, the ‘mother-energy’. This mother-energy is the number one energy that can help you heal from trauma, emotional neglect and childhood wounds (Dr. Bessel van der Kolk). It calms you down and gives your body the feeling that it’s safe. From this state you can access your sub-conscious mind and heal fears, insecurities, suppressed emotions and trauma at the root. 

1-on-1 Guidance

by Myrthe (May) Glasbergen, MSc.

Away from traditional talk therapy our founder Myrthe (May) Glasbergen (psychologist MSc., coach, singer and creator) combines psychological theory & guidance with somatic meditative exercises (with spoken word, voice healing, music and song). Her method and tools speak directly to the body and get to the root of mental and emotional suffering.  

You’re not broken, the system is…

You are not struggling in life because something is wrong with you, but because of the emotionally immature society you grew up in that has been conditioning and shaming you to suppress your truth and disconnect from your emotions and authentic self from a very young age. Because of this you have been living in survival mode for way too long… A true recipe for emotional and relational trauma, loneliness, depression, anxiety and burn-out. 

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Inspired Action

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The world doesn’t need to be saved, it’s us.

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