“The only way onwards, is inwards.”

Heal from your Past, Free your Authentic Self & Transform yourself and your life

“It is my deepest wish that through our work you will become aware of the dysfunctional society you grew up in, heal yourself from the effects of it, and free your authentic, empowered self.”

– Myrthe Glasbergen MSc., Founder, Occupational Health Psychologist, Coach, Singer & Creator

You’re Not Broken, The System Is

You are not struggling in life because something is wrong with you, but because of the demanding, dysfunctional, oppressive and emotionally immature society you grew up in. This society has been conditioning you to suppress your truth and disconnect from your emotions and authentic self from a very young age. Because of this you have been living in survival mode for way too long. A true recipe for emotional and relational trauma, and the number 1 reason you are feeling lost, depressed, alone, anxious and burnt-out. 

A New Approach

Away from traditional talk therapy and coaching Beyond Psychology has created new tools for self-discovery, healing, transformation and growth. Our tools follow a holistic approach and combine somatic and emotional healing practices with psychological theory & guidance. Choose your theme, pick your tool, and start your healing journey inwards! 








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Emotional Healing

Suppressed and unexpressed emotions lie at the root of your suffering. As a child, you are mostly not being taught how to acknowledge, understand, express and regulate your emotions properly and in a healthy way. In fact, you are (mostly unconsciously) shamed, rejected, ignored or even punished for expressing your emotions. This results in emotional dysregulation and/or the suppression of emotions entirely. Learning how to become aware of suppressed emotions and how to understand, feel, express and regulate them, can help you to feel in control of your life again, and become a healthy, free and empowered human being. 

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Meet Our Founder 

Myrthe Glasbergen, MSc. is an occupational health psychologist, coach, singer and creator who is fascinated about the healing of humanity.

During her work as a psychologist she found herself frustrated by the limitations of traditional psychology, coaching and the (spiritual) self-help industry. They look at people who struggle in life as if there is something wrong with them individually, while the true reason that people suffer lies in the dysfunction of our society as a whole.

It is because of this that she went on a search to discover what it is that people truly need to overcome their suffering, heal themselves and create lasting changes in their lives.

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