Beyond Psychology

The only way onwards,
is inwards


Starts January 2023

HeArt Journey

Journey through the elements, (Re)discover who you truly are & Become a heart creator

A new perspective

At Beyond Psychology we believe that healed people heal the world. This is why we are doing everything we can to help people heal and transform themselves so that they will use their talents and gifts for a better world. We do this through healing music & holistic psychological guidance because traditional (non-holistic) tools of psychology and coaching fall short. Lately our intuitive work is getting more and more confirmation by the work of renowned (neuro)scientists and psychiatrists such as Bessel van der Kolk. 

HeArt Journey

Starts January 2023

A journey of self-discovery, empowerment, transformation & growth 

HeArt Journey is an affordable online platform, sacred space & community, with monthly provided healing music, meditative somatic exercises and psychological theory & guidance, to help you (re)discover who you truly are & empower you so that you will use your talents and gifts to make the world a better place. 


The main reason why you are struggling or searching in life isn’t because something is wrong with you, but because of the dysfunctional and demanding society, culture and family system you grew up in that have been conditioning and shaming you to suppress your true self from a very young age. To empower and transform yourself it is necessary for you to understand what is holding you back. Often, this can be traced back to negative childhood experiences or (intergenerational) trauma. Once you discover what it is, you can heal your past, recognize and change the pattern(s) in your daily life and transform yourself and your life. 

HeArt Reflection

A personalized healing tool & piece of art in one

A tool that transcends classic forms of psychology & coaching, that speaks directly to the body and that gets to the root of mental or emotional suffering.

A HeArt Reflection is a 10-15 minute personalized healing tool – intuitively created by Myrthe Glasbergen, MSc. – with poetry, spoken word, healing sounds, music & song. It is a guide on your journey inwards and it is completely attuned to you, your process and a question you submit.  

Healing Journeys

The healing journeys Myrthe intuitively creates, consist of healing sounds, voice healing, music, poetry, spoken word, storytelling, and song, and help you to come into a state of receptivity, relaxation and meditation. From this state you can access your sub-conscious mind, expand your consciousness, and feel and heal fears, insecurities, suppressed emotions or trauma. Her voice and music lift energetic, emotional and mental blockages and open the way to your heart and soul. This helps you to experience a deep sense of self-compassion, self-love and self-worth.  Through her healing journeys, Myrthe hopes to bring you into contact with your essence, so that you will FEEL who you truly are, and start walking your path. 

Meet our founder

“A new approach towards psychology, personal growth and helping people overcome life’s adversities is needed desperately.”

Myrthe Glasbergen is an occupational health psychologist (MSc), singer, writer and creator. After she graduated, she has worked as an assessment psychologist, singing teacher, musician and successful life and job coach for young professionals for several years.

It was during her work as a life and job coach that she found herself limited by traditional tools of psychology and personal growth because of their non-holistic approach and sole focus on cognition, mindset and words.