The relationship with our mother is not only the first relationship we have in life, but also the most important one. It shapes our sense of self, influences our perception of the world, and impacts the way we attach to ourselves and others. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in determining our sense of safety and security as we navigate through life.

In this blog post we delve into the important of the mother-child relationship, the implications of a distorted relationship: The Mother Wound, and the healing journey towards empowerment, confidence, trust, and resilience. 

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The Three Pillars of a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship with our mother ensures that three key aspects are well-developed: our sense of self, our attachment style, and our sense of safety. Firstly, when the relationship with our mother is healthy, we have a clear understanding of who we are. We have boundaries and are able to authentically express ourselves.

Secondly, a healthy attachment allows us to form secure relationships with others. This means that we are capable of emotional regulation and feel resilient and resourceful. Last but not least, we feel confident, trust ourselves, and have compassion and empathy if we have a healthy relationship with our mother. As a consequence we feel safe internally and externally.

As you can imagine, an unhealthy relationship with our mother greatly affects us. We may struggle with self-identity, lack boundaries, and find it challenging to communicate and express our truth. Subsequently, we also have difficulty forming healthy relationships and constantly feel scared, helpless, and anxious.

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Unmothered by Society: The Collective Mother Wound

It is important to recognize that the societal treatment of women and mothers throughout history has resulted in a collective mother wound. After all, our society has devalued feminine traits and placed an emphasis on masculine traits. Leading women to be distracted, stressed, and unable to provide the emotional support their children need. As a result, many people have experienced a lack of maternal support because of societal pressures on women. 

While the size of this wound may differ for each person, it’s clear that as a community, we have not recognized the emotional support mothers need to nurture well-adjusted, healthy, and strong individuals. Besides, this lack of understanding has led to the ongoing transmission of trauma from one generation to the next. 

Collective Fragmentation & Distrust

When individuals carry this mother wound, it profoundly impacts society as a whole. Because adults who have not received the necessary emotional support and nurturing from their mothers struggle with emotional regulation, self-centeredness, fear, and trust issues.

As a result, we have a society filled with individuals who are emotionally reactive, constantly triggered, and fight for their survival. Such a society becomes fragmented, and lacks trust and cooperation. Hence, as a collective, we must recognize and address this deep-rooted mother wound to heal and create a safer, more compassionate world. 


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How to Heal the Mother Wound

Healing the mother wound is an essential step in transforming and healing ourselves. It involves becoming the parent we never had, providing the love, compassion, and safety that our inner child needs. We can do this by making contact with the hurt and traumatized parts inside of us and start with accepting and grieving all that we never received. 

By re-parenting ourselves, we can create a sense of safety within, discover our true selves, and build the courage and strength needed to navigate life. Furthermore, healing the mother wound not only benefits us as individuals, it also contributes to the healing of society as a whole.


In conclusion, the mother-child relationship serves as a critical foundation for self-development and emotional well-being. By recognizing the impact of early experiences or trauma with our mother, we can embark on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and transformation.

Through self-awareness, inner child healing, parts work and emotional inquiry, we can become the mother we never had for ourselves. This helps us to break free from the constraints of the mother wound and cultivate a sense of empowerment, confidence, trust and resilience.


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