About Us

You’re not broken, the system is

You are not struggling in life because something is wrong with you, but because of the demanding, dysfunctional and emotionally immature society you grew up in. This society has been conditioning you to suppress your truth and disconnect from your emotions and authentic self from a very young age.

Because of this you have been living in survival mode for way too long. A true recipe for emotional and relational trauma, and the number 1 reason you are feeling lost, depressed, alone, anxious and burnt-out. 

This same society was (and is) teaching you from a very young age that something is wrong with you, that you are incomplete, and that you should live in fear and shame and work the rest of your life to compensate that. Without providing you the safety and attachment you need and teaching you about a deeper sense of meaning or purpose in life.

Living in a very unsafe, oppressive, unnatural and dysfunctional society like this has made you believe you are a worthless and powerless individual who has to run and fight for your life. 

At the same time as a child you are not being taught how to express and regulate your emotions, feelings, boundaries, desires and authentic self properly and in a healthy way. In fact, you are (mostly unconsciously) shamed, rejected, ignored, overlooked, ridiculed or even punished for showing vulnerability or expressing yourself. 

Learning how to become aware of all of this and heal yourself from the effects of living in a society like this, can help you to feel in control of your life again and to become a healthy, free and empowered human being.

Meet our Founder

Myrthe Glasbergen MSc. is an Occupational Health Psychologist, Coach and Creator who is fascinated about the healing of humanity.

During her work as a life & job coach she found herself frustrated by the limitations of traditional psychology, coaching and the (spiritual) self-help industry. They look at people who struggle in life as if there is something wrong with them individually, while the true reason that people suffer lies in the dysfunction of our society as a whole.

It is because of this that she went on a search to discover what it is that people truly need to overcome their suffering, heal themselves and create lasting changes in their lives.

She discovered that the struggles people experience in their daily lives aren’t cognitive, but emotional, and tied to negative experiences from their past (or even intergenerational trauma), that are stored and suppressed in their subconscious mind and body.

She quickly understood that you can’t solve an emotional problem in a cognitive way and felt the need to create her own (healing) tools that could transcend cognition, speak directly to the body, and travel all the way to the source of people’s suffering. Saving them years of psychological and emotional struggle and countless therapy sessions.

She has made it her mission now to help people to become aware of the dysfunctional and demanding society and family/culture systems they grew up in, and to help them heal and break free from it.

All with the sole purpose of helping people to become free, authentic, and empowered human beings who use their talents and gifts to make the world a better place.

She shares her method and tools through 1-on-1 holistic psychological guidance, online via social media, in our webshop, and on our online platform & community for Awakening, Healing, Transformation & Empowerment.

Meet our Co-Founder

And mentor, guide, advisor, business coach, sparring partner and (life) teacher

Casey Godrie is a true creative visionary who always feels ready to share and help open minded people who work from the heart.

Most of the time he finds himself flying around the world, spreading his love, knowledge and skills for free to create a more loveable, sustainable, wealthy and fair world.

His different attitude, approach and view on life has been inspiring us from the day we met him. His mission is caring and sharing for a better world and to help as many people as possible, so that the majority can live happier, closer to their true being, in peace and freedom. 

He does this by helping people around the world to start all kinds of initiatives, foundations and companies, from recycling to healing, and to help existing foundations, institutions, and private initiatives. 

Together with our founder he worked out the concept of Beyond Psychology with a special focus on making it available for as many people and companies as possible, in order to live out our mission!

We are very grateful for all of Casey’s help, advice and guidance, without him Beyond Psychology wouldn’t have been what it is today! Because we wanted to give something back we decided to donate 3% of our profit every year to his foundation, situated in Bali, Indonesia. Hopefully we are able to donate more in the future.

If you want to read and learn more about Casey plus the skills and projects he shares for free, and/or his foundation, check out:

Aid Projects Asia