If you are someone who sometimes or often feels depressive or has a depression, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will explore a different perspective on depression and how it can be seen as a coping mechanism rather than a disorder or disease. By understanding the root cause of depression and finding ways to heal, you can overcome the frozen feelings and reclaim your true self.

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Frozen Feelings: Depression as a Protection Mechanism

Depression has long been viewed as a condition that a person has, but what if it’s something that they do? In a world filled with traumas and emotional immaturity, individuals often learn to suppress their emotions as a means of coping. This is why we believe that depression is a coping mechanism (or protection mechanism). It’s a way to suppress intense emotions that are difficult to handle.  

When traumatic or negative experiences occur, and the individual lacks the emotional tools to process them, depression becomes a freeze response. It is a way to numb oneself from the intense grief, sadness, anger, resentment, or helplessness that lies within. By understanding depression as frozen feelings, we can shift our perspective from seeing it as a personal flaw to recognizing it as a response to the world we live in. 

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Healing from Depression: A Journey Within

The good news is that depression is not an incurable disease or a lifelong sentence. It is possible to work with yourself and embark on a journey of healing. By taking a deep dive inside and addressing the suppressed emotions, you can gradually overcome depression and allow the stuck energy to flow freely once again.

One approach to healing from depression is through somatic and emotional inquiry. By connecting with your emotions and understanding what is repressed inside of you, you can slowly begin to release and heal. It involves expressing anger, sadness, grief, and overcoming fear. As you engage in this process, you will start to experience a gradual disappearance of depression and the numbness that accompanies it.

Inner Child Work

Healing from depression also requires self-compassion and self-nurturing, or as we would like to call it: Inner Child Work. It involves giving yourself everything that you needed during the time of trauma or negative experiences. By soothing yourself and acknowledging your pain, you can provide the care and support that was lacking in the past.


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The Role of Emotional Maturity

We want to emphasize that depression is not an inherent part of who you are. It is a response to the emotional immaturity prevalent in our society. As a society, we are just beginning to understand and raise our emotional awareness and intelligence. By developing emotional maturity, we can learn healthier ways to process and handle emotions, thus reducing the need for depression as a coping mechanism.


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