Inner Peace

Just put on some headphones and press play!

Fear - Face Everything And Rise - 15 min

by Myrthe Glasbergen | A meditation especially made for you if you experience fear, stress, overstimulation, hypersensitivity or hyper vigilance and you need some relaxation or calm yourself down a little bit so that you can feel the ground beneath your feet again. The meditation helps you to make contact with your body, your belly, and to create the safety inside that you need to feel that all is well, all is fine and you're going to be ok. It brings you peace, warmth and comfort. it helps you to feel that you're not alone and that we're in this together.

Hope - 16 min

by Myrthe Glasbergen | Hope is a piece of healing music with spoken word, poetry, voice healing and song that helps you grieve your past and make space for a more hopeful, light and playful future that your Heart knows is possible!

Calming the Nervous System - 15 min

by Myrthe Glasbergen | This somatic exercise helps you with regulating your nervous system when your body is in survival mode, i.e. when you feel stressed, anxious, burnt-out, depressed, overstimulated or hypervigilant. During the exercise you will receive gentle instructions to use your hands to touch your body at different spots that helps you to calm yourself down, sink deeper into your body, feel grounded and soothed, and safe inside your body.

Mantra sing-a-long


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