Heart Journey annual subscription

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Join HeArt Journey, (Re)discover who you truly are, heal & transform yourself and create the life you want, from the heart!

Normally you pay €299, but If you decide to join now for the entire year, you get 2 months for free! 



What is HeArt Journey?

A journey of self-discovery, transformation & growth 

HeArt Journey is an affordable online platform, sacred space & community, with monthly provided healing music, meditative somatic exercises and psychological theory & guidance, to help you become a conscious, free, authentic and inspiring human being who makes the world a better place. 

As a member you will be guided by Myrthe on a journey inwards through the 4 elements, where every element represents 1 of the 4 stages of personal growth & transformation.

All with the sole purpose of helping you to (re)discover who you truly are, heal & transform yourself and create the life you want, from the heart! 

Join now, start your journey inwards and make the world a better place!