Reflections 2023

Writing your way home

There are some important things to do and know before you start with the exercise:
> Grab your favorite pen and notebook
> Make yourself a nice cup of tea
> Put on some beautiful, meditative, soothing music (click the link or scroll down) to get you into a receptive state
> And remember: there is no right or wrong in doing a writing exercise. Just look at the questions below and start writing the first things that come up. If nothing comes up just write that nothing comes up and tell your notebook about the taste of your tea or what you are wearing or any other random thing that you come up with. The most important thing with a writing exercise is that you start to write and the rest will follow. If some or more questions are to hard to answer today, try tomorrow, next week, next month… no rush.

Below you find questions that you can use to reflect upon the past year. You don’t have to answer all the questions if you don’t feel like it. Just read them and intuitively choose the questions you would like to answer, or just start with question number 1 and continue them step by step. 

Don’t feel like answering these questions? You can also just tune in with yourself for a moment, grab a pen and paper and ask yourself (by writing it down): What wants to be expressed through me, thinking of the past year? And just start with writing, without thinking too much about it. 

But, if you need more guidance, I have written down some beautiful questions for reflection below!

Enjoy, and feel free to share one or more of your insights, stories, poems and/or reflections of your journey so far in the comment section below! We would love to read and hear more from you! 

Ok, here we go, are you ready?

1 How are you doing today? How are you feeling? How have you been feeling throughout this year? What has changed?

2 What has been your biggest struggle? How have you worked with that? Are you ok now or do you still need something?

3 What has been your biggest insight this year?

4 What are you most proud of?

5 What are you most grateful for?

6 What have you learned about survival mode, how does it feel when you’re in this state, and how can you help yourself recognize it, step out of it, slow down and create more peace in your life?

7 What have you learned about your emotional state? Or your emotions in general?

8 How has your past shaped you and made you into the person you were at the start of this journey and/or are today?

9 What was the role / identity you took on to fit in, and be loved and seen? Do you feel you are ready now to let it go, leave it in the past, as you enter the new year? Yes or no? If not, what do you need first?

10 Which mechanisms did you create to receive (external) love, recognition, validation? Or where (or how) have you been seeking this the most? 

11 What did you learn about self-love?

12 What was the one thing that you couldn’t accept about yourself but are you willing to accept now?

13 What was your biggest insight about ‘self-sabotage’? How are you often holding yourself back? 

14 Are there any other things you would like to share or write about thinking about the past year?