healing meditations album, with mediations, visualizations and healing journeys, or healing artworks. All with poetry, spoken word, healing music, voice healing, sounds, little songs, mantra like. All created by Myrthe Glasbergen, a psychologist, life coach and intuitive singer and creator.

Heal yourself, (Re)discover who you truly are and transform yourself and your life 

Now only €33 instead of €49. 

Our meditation album The healing journey is a complete package and toolkit to help you with your awakening and healing journey inwards. 

The album consists of 11 soothing, comforting healing artworks, meditations, visualizations and guided somatic exercises, and has a duration of 222 minutes in total!

That’s almost 4 hours of healing meditations and artworks to listen to!

All with the sole purpose of helping you to (re)discover who you truly are, heal yourself and create the life you want!

All the meditations, visualizations, healing music and artworks on the album are made by our founder Myrthe Glasbergen, who is a psychologist, life coach, intuitive singer and creator.

  • Access your subconscious mind & body;
  • Explore your inner world and experience the healing power of art, psychology & subconscious body work, in a safe, easy and comforting way;
  • Learn how to use art for healing, self-expression and transformation;
  • Gain insight into the real reason why you are still not where you want to be in life;
  • Connect to your essence and soul, discover your soul’s purpose and start creating your life’s path!

Here’s what you will get : 

0. The journey (16 min)

A musical artwork with poetry, spoken word, healing music and sounds, to get you started on your journey inwards. It helps you to relax, take a deep dive inside and get into contact with your heart, soul and the inner silence you seek. It helps you to get insight into what the healing journey is and what you can expect.  

1. Meditation – Ode to the body (17 min)

A meditation to get into contact with your body on such a deep level. To get to know your body, talk with it, honor it and come home into it. Your temple, your precious vehicle, your vessel for creation and your vessel of life!

2. Visualization – The rainbow chamber (30 min)

Travel all the way into your deepest core of who you are and get into contact with your essence.

3. Visualization – The movie of your life (36 min)

Travel into your subconscious, get into contact with your inner child and discover the life you have always dreamed of. Understand what is holding you back and transform these blockages.

4. Healing journey – Birdwatcher (18 min)

The theme of this healing journey is awakening and transcendence. Just put on some headphones, place yourself in a quiet area and close your eyes. Let the music and the art take you on a deep inner journey and let the healing begin!

5. Healing journey – The angel that fell (15 min)

Another healing journey with poetry, spoken word, music, voice healing, sounds and song. The theme of this healing journey is deep remembrance, inner knowing, recognition and homecoming.

6. Meditation – One with the water (15 min)

A very soothing, calming, comforting meditation with music, voice healing and spoken word where you will be guided to relax, surrender and accept. It will bring you into a state of receptivity and it will help you to relax and regulate your nervous system.

7. Meditation – Safe haven (14 min)

A meditation especially made for you if you feel stressed, anxious, rushed, depressed or numb. Most of the time when we feel this way our nervous system is dysregulated and we are in a state of survival or fear, and our fight, flight or freeze responses are activated. The society we are living in is forcing us a lot to live in this state of survival and fear.

This meditation helps you to understand and wake up to the fact that this is an illusion and a tactic that is being used to keep us in that state so that we work and consume. This meditation helps you to get into relaxation, to surrender and to relax and to get out of that state. It brings you peace, safety and comfort. You’re ok. You’re safe.

8. Spoken word, poetry – Knight of light (20 min)

The knight of light is an intuitively created piece of music with spoken word and poetry to help you get into a state of relaxation, receptivity, and to help you open your eyes and hearts for the life we are living because of the society we are living in and… how to step out of that and transform it.

BONUS: Parallel earth (11 min) – Healing journey

Parallel earth is a healing journey with music, poetry, spoken word and song and the theme of this healing journey is: dreams, a new world, a new earth, a new dimension that’s awaiting your arrival. The purpose of the piece is to help you tap into that new dimension and to inspire you to start creating it, from the heart.

BONUS: Full prerecorded professional somatic exercise (30 min)

A somatic exercise to take a deep dive into your subconscious mind and body, to understand what is blocking you from truly expressing all of who you are with the world and to heal and solve this at the root. 

You can use it as often as you would like to explore your subconscious mind, body and experiences from your past to help yourself heal and overcome your blockages, and life’s adversities, one by one. 

“Your work touched deeply and it was healing at the same time.

It was just so right and now that I’m going through tough times your words gave me hope and a gentle nudge in the direction I need to go.

Thank you dear Myrthe, what an unbelievable talent you have to touch in this way and also to create little beacons of light.”

- Anne


“Your voice and music bring me to the depths of my soul, where I find my sorrow and my strength. I feel really carried <3.

I am very grateful for what you bring into this world.”

- Whitney


“Wow Myrthe, I’m at a loss for words. You give answers to all the life questions I have and will get. You have no idea. I am speechless and totally moved.

Thank you beautiful human.
This is more than a talent.
A gift.
You are a gift in the lives of many: including mine.

Thank you for you.
And still everything I say doesn’t cover it.”

- Babette



How does it work?

When you purchase the album you immediately receive the download links to all of the tracks on the album on our website and via email. You can download the tracks (Mp3s) on your computer and/or on your phone.

You’ll have permanent access to the album and the downloads, so you can use it wherever you want, whenever you want.

How do I listen to the audios and what will I experience?

Just find a comfortable spot at home or somewhere you feel safe, where you can’t be disturbed, put on some headphones, close your eyes and let Myrthe’s voice guide you.

The meditations will help you to come into a relaxing and receptive state. They will help you to relax your body, observe your thoughts, relax your body and calm down your nervous system. It is possible that you will feel stuck, heavy emotions coming up that want to be released. Just let them come and go. 

The visualization exercises will take you on an inner journey into your subconscious mind and body and are designed to help you understand yourself on a deeper level. You will be asked to visualize certain situations, places, persons, states of being, or past memories or possible future realities. There’s no right or wrong in doing an exercise like this and just always trust that what comes up, is perfect. Some of these exercises can cause you to experience memories of events from the past that you have suppressed out of shame, fear, anger or unsafety. Myrthe will guide you through these events. 

Know that you can always step out of the situation, when it doesn’t feel good. When you open your eyes, you are out of it. Shake, sing, dance or listen listen to the healing and soothing music afterwards, if you feel like it.

The healing artworks are designed to help you come into a state of relaxation, receptivity and unconditional love (the soothing mother-energy), which is a very powerful energy to help you feel, heal and release all that is holding you back from expressing all of who you are! They are also designed to help you regulate your nervous system and to help you transcend your current reality and open your eyes for all the magic that is hiding in plain sight in this beautiful, beautiful life! 

How often can I listen to the album?

As often as you would like!

The tracks were designed so that you already feel the change you made after 1 time of listening to it. The techniques used in the tracks (healing music, meditation, visualization, voice healing, spoken word, breathing) are also used by Myrthe in her 1:1 sessions. 

How long will it take before I see results?

That’s totally different for everyone: some people notice a major shift right after the first time of listening to (one of) the tracks. They feel like they have shifted something in their paradigm of reality and already look at themselves, their struggles, anxiety and their life in a different way!

For others, the changes might build up more gradually in more subtle ways. After a few weeks or months, they look back at when they started and suddenly realize how different they have been behaving and thinking since then.

Repetition is key, and healing from your past and stepping out of old paradigms and dysfunctional loops of behavior, takes time.

But what’s most important is that you will start to integrate everything that you have learned into your daily life.

Start practicing what you have been learning, embody it and take inspired action. The faster you do this, the faster you will see the changes you so long for. Go and experience it!

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