Ukraine versus Russia today, Palestina versus Israel tomorrow … For decades, we’ve seen questionably initiated wars, and global terrorism. Our neoliberal capitalistic system is based on eternal growth. That’s why we see the divide and conquer strategy. Out of fear, people beg for security. Then the people in power can produce weapons and divide more people again by using these weapons. Unscrupulous, ultra-rich, undemocratic corporations are managing the world …

Change Won’t Happen In The Old Way

We all feel and see that the world is not as fair, healthy and well-managed as we want it to be. Economists and scientists desperately try to create change but they won’t succeed because they try to do this in the old way, and in an outdated paradigm.

They don’t realize the old paradigm has already ended, destroying itself via the extreme rich who do not leave enough in this system for the rest of the people, and inadequate services which fail to keep it running in a way to satisfy people’s needs.

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How The Young Generation Are Creators Of The New

Younger generations who feel a victim of this system are understanding more and more that they are the outsiders and misfits in this old paradigm for a reason. They know now they are here to break free from the old and create the new. Mark my words; “Those outsiders will transform the world and will be the visionaries of this century.”

As digital nomads, they are finding new ways to live, and don’t get stopped by borders. Also, as freedom warriors, they give up many traditional ways of living. They see how often money and power corrupts, and are ready to create a new world, with life generating values.


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Hopefully limitarianism will get embraced in the old system and from there we will make new steps. It’s gonna be a matter of time to get there. The whole population is unsatisfied about the global meta-crisis, and the lack of solutions from the current “owners” of the system. And we all know money is the problem.

I hope we will be able to replace money with temporarily collectable, non-tradable privileges. This avoids stacking and getting power out of it. Then privileges should be based on demand, and not just education; meaning that unpopular jobs need to be appropriately compensated as well.

Let’s Unite

Let’s Unite, offline and online, to inspire each other and find ways to become the catalyst in this beautiful journey. A road to wholeness, togetherness, freedom and love.

Via we will empower you and encourage you to act and live as a free human being and with we will all unite to make the magic happen !

One Love
Casey Godrie
Co-founder Beyond Psychology

Artwork by Jr Korpa


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