If there is something that I am very passionate about it is spreading awareness and helping people to heal themselves, so that they will find the courage to use their talents and gifts to make the world a better place. And you know, at first, I started this journey because I thought that it was ‘the world’ (or others) that needed to be saved. And I saw myself as one of the ‘saviors’ but I realize now that the world doesn’t need to be saved.

The more I am on this personal growth and healing journey, the more I study it, experience it myself, and the more I listen to people from all around the world, far beyond the limits of my white capitalistic, colonial and patriarchal worldview, the more I understand that the world doesn’t need to be saved. 

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It’s us. We need to be saved.

We need to heal our complex emotional and relational trauma. We need to dismantle dysfunctional coping mechanisms that are living inside of us such as narcissism, co-dependency, domination, control and hyper individualism. All trauma responses to a very hard, cold, individualistic, emotionally immature and traumatized world.

We need to learn how to reconnect to nature, our spirituality and our hearts again.

From Oppression To Community

We need to learn how to step out of the binary of patriarchy (thanks to Bell Hooks for this magnificent vocabulary): of good versus bad, rich versus poor, domination versus suppression, man versus woman, parent versus child, leader versus ‘servant’. We need to step out of the idea of the nuclear family and learn how to build community again.

We need to learn how to fill the emptiness that we feel inside and heal the wounds of abandonment, rejection and shame. The very same emptiness and wounds that cause us to destroy the planet and oppress the rest of the world. This will give us the courage to face our reality as it is, not as we pretend it to be, and start with creating the changes that our world so desperately needs.

Healed People Heal The World

Only then will we ‘save’ the ‘others’ because we will finally be able to take a step back, apologize, be humble and understand that enough is enoughAnd from that state of being we will understand that it is us who need to take responsibility and choose to do different and better every day.

It’s not simple. It’s not easy. But we can do it. TogetherFor healed people, heal the world.


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