Anger is often seen as a negative emotion that we need to suppress or overcome. However, in reality, it can be a powerful tool for self-expression and authenticity. It is not something that we need to heal away or grow out of. Our anger is our truth, and it serves as a signal that something doesn’t feel right to us. In this blog, we will explore the importance of acknowledging and accepting anger, and the role it plays in our lives. 

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Anger as Our Truth

Suppressing our anger means suppressing our truth. When we deny it, we deny a part of ourselves and our existence. This can lead to a dissociative experience where we become confused and disconnected from ourself and our truth. Instead of trying to heal or work with our anger, we should allow it to be present and acknowledge its validity. By embracing our it, we empower ourselves to speak up and express what is on our minds.

Conditioning and Suppression

Society often conditions us to suppress certain emotions based on gender stereotypes. Men are not allowed to feel shame or vulnerability, while women are discouraged from expressing anger. This conditioning creates a split within ourselves, where we deny parts of who we truly are. As a result, we may feel lost and disconnected from our authentic selves. By accepting and embracing our anger, we can start to feel whole again.

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The Empowerment of Anger

Allowing our anger to be present and acknowledging its importance can be empowering. Our anger is a legitimate emotion that brings something to us. It helps us set boundaries and protects us from situations that don’t feel right. When we listen to it, we can reconnect with our bodies and ground ourselves. By doing so, we can find a sense of authenticity and inner strength.

Working with Anger

Instead of trying to heal our anger by shouting it out in a forest or through other means, we should sit with our it and listen to what it has to say. Rather than believing that there is something wrong with us, we should recognize that our anger is valid and our truth is valid. By working with this emotion, we can free ourselves from the constant need to fix ourselves and instead focus on embracing our authentic selves.

Anger is not something to be feared or suppressed. It's a powerful tool that holds our truth. By embracing it we find our personal power...


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Breaking The Cycle Of Self-Rejection

Oftentimes, we internalize the belief that there is something wrong with us due to past experiences or relational trauma. These past events may lead us to suppress our anger even more, because we believe that it isn’t desired and will only lead to more rejection or trauma.

But by doing that we also suppress our truth, boundaries, needs, or preferences. We even start to believe that as an adult we are broken and need to be fixed. Consequently, we believe that we have to continuously work on ourselves in order to be accepted and loved.

However, by accepting our anger and recognizing its validity, we can break free from this cycle of anger suppression and self-rejection. We then wake up to the fact that there isn’t something wrong with us, and all that we feel is valid. This will help us to see that we no longer have to adapt ourselves to please others, and rather prioritize our own well-being and self-expression.


Anger is not something to be feared or suppressed. It is a powerful emotion that holds our truth and authenticity. By embracing our anger, we can reconnect with ourselves and create a sense of safety and boundaries. Let’s free ourselves from the notion that there is something wrong with us and instead focus on listening to our anger and working with it. Our anger is valid, and it has the right to be heard.


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